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Look at me, I’m brown.⠀
Look at me, I’m light skin with curly hair.⠀
Look at me. ⠀

Judge me by the way I dress,⠀
judge me by the way I speak,⠀
judge me because I intimidate you,⠀
look at me. ⠀

I’m being chased,⠀
I’m being followed,⠀
I don’t know by who,⠀
they’re not dressed in blue.⠀

They caught me in a dead end,⠀
shooting my moving vehicle,⠀
I was shot down,⠀
still not knowing who,⠀
killed me. ⠀
My name is Pedro Villanueva, LA ⠀

I’m a mother of three,⠀
I may have some issues,⠀
I struggle a little, ⠀
with my thoughts. ⠀
I have a history of mental illness.⠀
They responded to a domestic ⠀
disturbance at my home. ⠀
I opened the door with a knife,⠀
they shot me,⠀
eventually I died. ⠀
My name is Melissa Ventura, AZ⠀

I guess I look like I want to die,⠀
like I wasn’t born this way.⠀
What’s wrong with the color of my skin? ⠀
You already think you know who I am⠀
because of my last name. ⠀

I was just walking back from the store, ⠀
with my skittles and my iced tea,⠀
I was just walking,⠀
you saw me as a threat,⠀
because I had a hoodie over my head,⠀
I was just trying to get back home to my dad. 
The next thing you know the gun fired, ⠀
I’m dead. ⠀
My name is Trayvon Martin, FL ⠀

They thought I stole a back pack,⠀
I never did that.⠀
They accused me because I’m black.⠀
I spent majority of my time on Rikers Island,⠀
in solitary at age sixteen,⠀
I was there for three years,⠀
they had nothing on me.⠀
I was soon released. ⠀
Now I’m broken, I can’t do this,⠀
I struggled with my mental health.⠀
I think it’s time I kill myself. ⠀
My name is Kalief Browder, NY ⠀

They thought I was selling cigarettes,⠀
I’m sick and tired of being harassed,⠀
I didn’t want to be touched, ⠀
I didn’t do nothing wrong,⠀
he put his arm around my neck,⠀
he wrestled me to the ground,⠀
ten more times I repeated,⠀
I lost consciousness,⠀
an hour later my life was taken from me. ⠀
My name is Eric Garner, NY⠀

It was New Years Day, 2009⠀
a fight broke out on the⠀
Bay Area Rapid Transit line, ⠀
of everyone they grabbed me,⠀
it was Fruitvale Bart Station, ⠀
where I was kneed in the head,⠀
a day I’ll never forget. ⠀
laid face down, suddenly ⠀
I was shot in the back,⠀
my life was over just like that.⠀
My name is Oscar Grant, OAK ⠀

A minor traffic violation,⠀
I was pulled over.⠀
He opened my car door,⠀
he tried to pull me out, ⠀
pulled out a stunt gun, ⠀
next thing you know I’m on the ground.⠀
Arrested and taken away.⠀
I couldn’t bare the treatment,⠀
I decided to take my life. ⠀
My name is Sandra Bland, TX ⠀

I didn’t resist,⠀
I was being arrested,⠀
I was down on the ground,⠀
with his knee to my neck,⠀
I couldn’t breathe, I repeated this,⠀
“You’re going to kill me”,⠀
it took 7 minutes to take my life,⠀
I didn’t deserve to die. ⠀
My name is George Floyd, MN ⠀

Look at me, I’m brown.⠀
Look at me, I’m light skin with curly hair.⠀
Look at me. ⠀

A deadly virus: RACISM,⠀
Just look at me.


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