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A New Life

A New Life

As you grow inside of me,
I feel a sudden sense of relief.
Nothing is more important than you.
So quickly, it all happens.
Each day, full of change. 
My heart filled with utter happiness
for this new life but my mind filled with
Greiving the woman I used to be,
looking in the mirror not quite understanding
who I see...
A New Life.
Being formed inside and all around me.
Oh, so quickly.
As I grieve, I also grow.
Physically and mentally,
it's time to let go.
Baby boy you are a new life that is bringing me a new life.
A new chapter, a new love, a new light.
I can't wait to see your face, make you laugh,
run & play.
I can't wait to see you with your dad,
creating memories each and every day.
The journey is not an easy one
but one that will be worthwhile,
Baby boy you are already my world
and I can't even explain how.
Opening my mind to endless possibilities
all the more, allowing me to become more
Baby boy...
I thank you.
For this new life.
- your mommy



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