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Alone, In a Room Full of People

Alone, In a Room Full of People

Everyday we are surrounded by people.
People we know, people don't.
It's kind of crazy to think,
that we all feel so different, 
each day. 
Some people utterly broken, 
others filled with joy.
Some who woke up today,
and felt completely DESTROYED.
It's crazy to think that one can be so broken,
broken to the point they have no words,
broken to the point they see no point,
in waking up, 
in being heard.  
It's crazy yes it is,
but there are so many broken people,
all around you everyday.
You'd have no idea what they are going through,
what they have been through.
I guarantee you, it's only known by a select few.
It's crazy how in a world full of people, 
just a few can tell how you feel inside. 
By the look on your face,
the look in your eyes. 
All it takes is ONE person to see you.
ONE person to save your life.
To actually see you broken when no one else can.
To actually try to help you with your life, when you can't.
That is the beauty in life. 
Things come when you least expect them.
Things come when you are ready for them.
My pops taught me that. 
Sometimes you have to look at it like 
obstacles you have to go through to find you.
f we don't break, we wouldn't know strength.
If we don't break, we wouldn't necessarily
need each other.
That is the beauty in life.
There's always a way out,
There are very special beings out there. 
People that are here to help you make it through,
people that fight for each other when situations
are unequal, so don't feel
alone in a room full of people. 

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  • Z3NSOUL: December 19, 2019

    I love this!

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