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At War

At War

There's a battle within each of us.
We fight,
we cry,
we reminisce,
we try.. to find a way to win the battle.
Some battles become too tough,
tough to the point where,
we start to feel like we're not enough..
like we have nothing to live for..
What's the point of living a life
we don't adore?
Now we're at war,
with ourselves,
our hearts begin to yell,
our minds ball into this shell,
we don't want to fight anymore,
and the only thing that seems to
look good is that light over there,
by the door..
It's only because your mind tells you,
you are weak,
you can't overcome this,
you're not strong enough,
but what you need to fight for is YOU.
Turn around and run away from that door,
tell yourself
that there's more.. 
There's more life to your fight,
there's more love in sight,
grab this war and stress it out,
don't allow the war to take over you.
As human beings yeah,
that's what we do,
but we fail to see life in the fight.
People love you,
people need you,
people want you in their lives.
You need you.
Everyone is a blessing in their own disguise.
It's ok,
Laugh too hard,
it's ok.
Yell if it makes you feel better It's OK.
Don't ever feel like you're not worth
living in this world because you are.
Fight this war,
everyone needs someone,
so you have something to live for.
To come out of a dark place,
is the toughest part,
but once you do,
you'd realize how strong you are,
& in reality, you have been from the start.
So fight this war
as I know you can,
& I promise what will come,
is a happy mind,
a happy soul
& a happy heart.


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