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Cherish Every Moment

Cherish Every Moment

Right now, this second is what we should all cherish.
There is so much to be happy about,
there are so many reasons to smile.
Then there's a billion other reasons
to become careless, to become cold.
The world out there contains small hearts..
Hearts that were once warm but suddenly froze..
I want to cherish every happy moment,
every moment that creates those butterflies,
every moment that I'll remember because
it meant something to me & not to anyone else.
Peoples hearts freeze because of what they see..
Life is so cruel and they want to see nothing made out of me.
We must always smile..
We must always show them were happy.
It's the strongest most threatening emotion.
It is also the hardest one to keep..
If I continue to cherish the happy moments,
then happiness will always be a part of me.
Even when I'm gone, I feel like I'll remember.
I'll remember all that made me proud, all that made me smile..
It's really what life is about.
When we die, what do people remember first?
The positives..
Not the things that made us cry.
This is because we were born to be happy,
to meet someone that adds on to that happiness,
that later on produces more happiness.
The time we spent arguing is the time
we could of spent hugging, 
& no it's not so simple but it
is simple to realize that the goal is to be happy.
I promise things will fall into place..
Just cherish every wonderful moment
in your life that makes you smile, inside and out.
and only you..
Cherish it now.


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