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Completeley Different

Completeley Different

We laugh,
we cry,
we feel,
we heal.
But sometimes,
we don't know how to feel,
how to make sense of something that
may not even be a big deal.
I feel..
Completely different.
We all have the same access to emotion,
but somehow always feel different.
Same emotions shared,
but completely different from person to person
when compared.
We all have a story to tell,
a past that proves the present,
it's what makes us feel "different."
I drown in my pain at times,
I care way beyond belief,
I am the type of person I don't even believe myself
to be.
I am different.
I am sad.
I am happy.
I am loving.
We must learn to realize and accept
our differences to find peace.
The problem is in one word,
unknowingly we have become so selfish,
with our minds,
our love,
our hearts.
Our small worlds are bound to fall apart..
Without love there is no
With unity
there is no strong feeling of
I embrace that many pieces of me
are indeed different.
It's the negative feeling of being different
I am referring to,
 be different,
 but don't be ashamed or afraid to be.
We're all completely different,
in our own ways,
differences create legacies,
differences create history.
& so..
Love yourself as much
as you love those around you.
I know that's something I need to learn how to do.
Embrace your differences.


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