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Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning
& I can't come up from what feels like
the oceans pressure. 
I've fallen way down under, 
No feelings.
No ambition.
The world sits on my shoulders.
with great pleasure
I think we all drown at some point,
no matter the age,
no matter the place,
in life.
I guess it's what we have to go through,
to find a new path,
a new light.
I don't want to drown anymore, 
I don't want my emotions and mind  
to control that part of me. 
I no longer want to go to that place,
the place where it's dark,
the place with no sound.
the place where nothing is left
but weakness, and then you 
you fold into the earth's bed, 
you suffocate under the ocean, 
you find that there is no way out.  
I want to come up from under  
that oceans pressure,
figure out who I was meant to be,  
I want to follow my dreams. 
I don't want to drown anymore, 
I'm breaking free. 


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