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Fast Paced

Fast Paced

The days fly by,
& I can't seem to remember
what I did yesterday.

Why does it all seem so fast paced?

Sometimes I wish it was
a little more cool to take a step back.

It's like we're not as perfect
if we're not moving as fast.

Why do we have to promote taking breaks,
and the fact that it's okay?
Like taking the time you need for you,
is such a bad thing.

It's perfect to want to STOP.
It's perfect to want to brake.
Sometimes it's what we need to
make it another day.

I want to sit here and do nothing for a while,
take a deep breath,
close my eyes,

I want to remember what it felt like,
to just slow down.

to just slow down,
every once in a while.


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