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Golden Heart's

Golden Heart's

We don't all have them.
They come in different shapes & forms.
Ever think about how many different hearts
are out there?
How they're born?

Golden Hearts..
They're rare.
Belonging to those who immensely care.
They come with a beautiful mind,a beautiful soul.
Souls that bleed to see a happy world,
souls that bleed to feel happiness
when they've just made someone's day.
Souls that often times forget about
themselves because the love they
have for others is in the way.
Golden Hearts..
You are born with one.
Not all of us,
all of us weren't born the same.
These hearts are born from an
elder golden heart, hereditary.
So the parents are the ones to blame.
To have a golden heart,
you'd be looked at as insane
but the "crazy" and "insane" ones
on the planet are the ones who
make the world change.
To have a golden heart
is to have a beautiful heart.
It's not a weak heart, better yet it's the strongest.
It can take all the pain on top of pain..
wash it all away and tomorrow, see a brighter day.
The love never changes,
the mindset never changes,
the need and want to do for others, never changes.
Golden hearts don't break.
They resurrect.
Come with a new light once the other burned out.
That's the thing though, once ones burned out
there's no coming back, there's no looking back.
They have felt like they've done everything
in their power and have nothing left.
They resurrect.
Golden Hearts..
Their like that single bright yellow leaf
that is left with life,
as the fall comes to its end,
and the winter has just begun.
Golden Hearts..
Always standing out.
Not very loud,
those who hold these hearts
are complicated to put together,
but will make you feel like they belong
in your life forever.

With silence they speak 1000 words..
When you find one keep it.
They are the best gift.
A gift to last a lifetime.
Golden Hearts..
Something kind of like mine.


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