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In The Middle

In The Middle

In the middle of hopes and dreams.
That's where I am.
The in between.
We all come to this point in life,
and this is when we're pushed to fight.
The more you live,
the more you see,
that this world,
is not what it seems.
We live to die,
we die to dream,
of becoming a better you, a better me.
We assume we have nothing.
We assume nothing will change.
But understand at this point,
our minds are completely strained,
early to mid 20s,
I bet we all feel in the middle,
bet we all feel just the same.
At the end of the day it's only human to feel that way.
Like there is no way,
like you have to push harder,
than ever before.
If not, there goes another closed door.
you know what needs to change?
OUR hopes,
OUR determination,
OUR fears of failure,
OUR careless ways.
We always tend to fear our dreams
because we believe that's all they'll ever be.
We always tend to keep holding onto hope,
without the act of trying.
We always tend to pretend to be determined,
until we get shot down.
We're stuck
Getting passed the middle can happen,
right here,
right now.
Believe in who you were created to be,
dare to not just dream,
hope and push to bring
dreams into a reality.
you're stuck in the middle?
So is he and so is she.
Stand up tall,
and face the world we live in,
you know?
The one that isn't what you thought
it was cracked up to be.


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