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January Seventh

January Seventh

He's the very first man in your life.
Before you get to know the world,
you get to know him.
For us girls,
he teaches us self-worth,
about how we deserve to be treated,
& how to fight for everything we want,
even when it hurts.
From day one,
you held my hand.
From day one,
you helped me understand...
How to love
How to live
How it was okay not to be like all the other kids.
For the guys,
He teaches you how to be a man.
How to stand tall,
Be fearless,
and have respect for every man & woman.
You love me unconditionally,
I can see it in your eyes,
It hurts to see me cry.
It hurts you when I lie.
So many emotions
fly through my mind when I think about how
you never EVER left my side.
I'm so happy I'm the reason for
your changed life.
When you're young he's your hero.
It's funny how when you grow up that depiction
never really changes.
You still enjoy doing things with him.
You still enjoy his presence.
The thought of his love & care,
fills your heart,
within seconds.
You could of left us,
alone with mom,
like statistics may show,
but all I could remember these days
is how when either of us turned around,
it's your face that would glow.
There for every step times three.
Married my beautiful mother, your queen.
You still love her, unconditionally.
A great man,
A great father,
A great husband,
is what you are.
Don't ever belittle what you've done,
although I know it's been hard.
Your father is there to be a best friend,
right there until the very end.
You continuously sacrifice your life,
now I'm growing up,
learning that it's only right to sacrifice
some of mine.
Every little girl deserves a father like you,
a man to get her through.
I thank God everyday that he chose you,
to father me & my siblings too.
Every little boy deserves a father like you,
a man to get him through.
I thank God everyday that in our lives
there is YOU.
Pain never stopped you,
nor did any fear,
Thank you dad,
for all that you are,
and simply always,
being here. 


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