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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Inside a planet I lay,
surrounded by reasons to pray.
I don't know exactly why,
things were created this way.
None of us know,
why people fight,
why people die,
why we're a part of a world,
where only the wealthy survive.
In 2016 we shed some tears,
Trump is our president,
& black lives matter is all that we hear.
Mass murders all around,
Isis came running through the town,
we've seen worse before,
this is nothing new.
We live in a world where,
when you thought you've seen cruel,
you haven't, until you turn on the news.
Again and again,
you thought it couldn't get worse..
but let there be light in a space full of hurt.
Through it all no matter what,
there's always room,
room for fixing,
room for healing,
room to find a way out.
Sometimes it may seem like theres no way,
& when there isn't,
we have to raise above
and look for that light.
9 times out of 10 its always been there,
its just been up to you,
to find out where.
In times of stress,
in times of fear,
in times of darkness
flooding all around..
Let there be light,
showing us out,
telling us how,
hope is here
& hope is found.


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