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Life is Good

Life is Good

I know this life is not easy,
especially not today.
With so much going on at once,
it’s like we’re in the midst of
a tidal wave..

Sometimes when things are rough,
you don’t wanna hear a solution.
I’m probably annoying you right now,
but I bet this could be a part of
your conclusion.

I don’t expect for some
rhyming words to make you feel

I don’t expect for a
motivational post to
turn your day

I’m just here to put it out,
I’m just here to make you smile.
I’m just here to tell you I’ve been there.

The people who go through
the most, are the people
who are the strongest.

They come out on the
other side.

You know why?

Because by the SHIT we go
through we are not defined.

We come to realize..
that life..

It my not always be, but it is.
It’s beautiful, it’s here, it’s now.
For yourself you should be proud.

It may not be clear to see always
and that for sure is true.
But in the end,
look at the beauty,
analyze the view.


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