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Life's True Meaning

Life's True Meaning

I can't even tell you what it means.
I titled it like I knew,
like I was going to inform you.
Really, we all have different points of view.
Life has many meanings,
what does it mean to you?
It's overwhelming yet beautiful,
painful yet exciting,
confusing but yet
we seem to feel like
we got it all figured out.
None of us know what we're being brought into.
We're just born, everyone with a different story,
so blissful.
No one knows the answers.
No one really knows.
To me, the meaning of life is
something we each in our hearts and mind, hold.
It's to give us a chance to breathe,
to live, to experience.
The meaning is to make the best out of a lifetime,
not just a day.
Smile, pray,
because before you know it,
all our names are engraved.
We are often tested with struggle & defeat,
hardships that make us weak.
The goal is to overcome.
To be greater, to learn happiness,
& life's true meaning.


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