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Every single one of us,
we have a set mind.
We've all been through something different,
different experiences,
different times.
Each experience makes us who we are,
each experience builds us up for the
reasons why we came this far.
An experience that changed my
mindset was DR.
For you, it might be completely different..
Your experience is probably nonexistent,
but it'll come,
they all do,
and I promise,
it'll stick like glue.
In America we have so much,
so much that we can actually touch,
in other places it's so different.
Opportunity slim,
life so dim,
but are they miserable?
Why don't you ask him..
The little boy walking down the street,
probably had nothing to eat,
walking home,
happy as can be,
he's happy with little to none..
How about us?
We're depressed with a ton.
A ton of money,
a ton of opportunity,
a ton of chances to live out our dreams.
But you know what?
We can help.
We can help to heal our families from afar,
we can help to some day get them here without a scar.
We can do anything we want,
we've raised the bar.
This experience was beautiful for me,
20$ to us is dust,
when 20$ to them is..
I think seeing it in person is a MUST.
I won't be able to explain, the feelings I had,
they were insane.
I saw my blood from a different vein.
I saw my life without any strain.
because now? I felt their pain.
That's when it all changed,
when I knew I had to make a change.
No matter what, look at who we are.
Look at where we've been,
& look where we have the endless possibilities to go..
Whenever you start to doubt,
and believe you can't fight it out,
remember all that we have,
and remember just that.
As human beings we are strong.
No matter who,
we all belong.
We have to help each other out,
we have to hear each other shout..
Be there for one another,
like a mother to her child.
We're all capable of love,
in the right ways,
we're all capable of understanding
our own mindsets even if some of us
have been through darker days.
Here we can make a change,
here we can change the world,
here possibilities and opportunities are endless,
for that little boy,
and that little girl.
Experiences are in each and every one of us,
the same one that changed you,
guess what?
I had one too..
We all do.
Appreciate all the downfalls
because they made you who you are,
who you will become,
and each experience brought you this far.
My experience,
Just happened to be DR.


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