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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

What sincerely makes you happy?
What fills your heart with love & light?
What actually makes you want to wake up,
I'm positive it's not money.
If it is for you,
to yourself,
you aren't being true.
I think we have the pursuit
of happiness misconstrued.
That smile on the people you love the most,
The way your pet knows when you're sad
or hurting and comforts you.
The unexplainable trips you take to the west coast.
That's more like a pursuit of happiness.
It's funny how the smallest things have the
biggest impact,
in fact,
the smallest things mean more than
Pure happiness comes from
the things that we feel. 
Pure happiness comes from emotion,
experiences and devotion.
It's not money that makes you happy in the end, 
it's what you used it for,
same way I discovered
my happiness at age 10.
It was wrapped inside a pen.


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