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Note to Self

Note to Self

You had me buy a million of my favorite candles.
You had me finally indulge in that book,
that book that’s been on my night stand for years.
You made me say “I’m proud of you”.

You opened my eyes,
to a new world.
A world where I realized I needed
to chase my dreams but for real this time.
You pushed me to believe in myself,
and finally allow ME to shine.

You simply took seconds out of your day,
to tell me “take a break, it’s okay”.
You let me cry for no reason,
you let me enjoy the company of those I love.
You showed me what it was to finally
take care of myself.

We stepped into a new world this year,
you told me anxiety is normal, and so is fear.

We often times mask what we feel,
pretend we’re okay and that we’ll just heal.
No, remember to love yourself first at all times.
Take care of your heart, take care of your mind.

Do what you love, and what you love will repay you.

It was YOU who pulled yourself through,
it’s always been YOU.
You become your strongest at your weakest,
even if it’s hard to see.
& when you can’t find a reason to love that image in the mirror, tell yourself..



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