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One Life, One Shot

One Life, One Shot

We have so many different relationships,
romantic relationships,
family relationships,

Yet we have just one life to live.
One shot to live it out our best.
Sometimes it’s hard to see..
because of the small things,
in between. 

Petty arguments over nothing.
Grudges that are being held
for years, when a simple understanding
can combat the suffering.

What happens when bad things happen?
People think about all the good in you.
People think about what they should of done.
People think when it’s too late.

We only have one life,
one shot to make things right.
Pick up the phone and call your mom,
send that text message that you continue
to type & delete time and time again.

Life is short,
we can’t dwell on
everything that we can’t comprehend.
There are so many things to do in this life,
so many people to enjoy it with.

When it’s all said & done,
all we take with us is our memories,
nothing else matters.
Not hate,
not money.

Love one another now,
be kind,
be proud,
work with your significant other
so that together you can buy that dream house.

Build businesses that help others,
feed the hungry,
inspire the world,
love wholeheartedly.

The power of togetherness
can change so many things.
No one can do anything alone,
we all need somebody.

From now on look at the bigger picture,
and paint it yourself.
We only have ONE life, ONE shot,
to live a life that couldn’t be created
by anyone else. 


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