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Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece

Piece by piece you took a part of me..
Restless I sleep,
numb to my feet,
heart so heavy,
what has happened to me?
Piece by piece,
I fall apart.
Waking up knowing something's different.
Feeling worse then before,
I need you now more then ever,
but you shut the door.
I'm screaming but you don't hear me,
I'm crying but you can't see past the tears,
I'm writing..
but you don't understand what it's really about.
I fight and I fight,
what I want is us,
but what can I do,
when push comes to shove.
I love so hard,
I love so deep,
I love.. more then I love me.
Funny thing is, it's a problem,
but I don't see the problem in it.
If it's what makes me happy then so be it.
This is the feeling I was afraid of,
when I told you I was afraid,
stuck to you like glue I was,
and now things are this way.
The rug was pulled right from under my feet,
It's like you knew where you had me,
and piece by piece,
you knocked me down.
I don't understand why,
I was always right there,
right there by your side.
I love you now,
I'll love you always,
I know you feel the same.
When things get rough,
and we want to give up,
we yell,
we scream,
we go insane.
This is because,
deep inside,
there's this feeling.
A feeling of knowing
what something's worth,
a feeling of knowing that
when two hearts beat for one
another the way they're supposed to,
something works.
Finally, something works.
In the end,
that's all we want.
To be apart,
when you feel you're not.
& piece by piece,
as the truth began to speak,
my love touched you,
and once again,
your love,
touched me.


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