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She Was Never Known

She Was Never Known

I heard about her smell,
her touch, her greatness.
I never got to witness it myself.
Never selfish.
A beautiful sensation to the world,
her model ways,
and flashy curls.
I never felt a hug or a touch
from the woman I feel that
I know so much..
So clever, she was.
Smart and independent.
Went through it all,
from daddy's tough old age and when he crawled.
When daddy would shed a tear,
I felt as if I was right with him.
But that would never be the case.
I couldn't fill in that space.
I'll never feel the love he had with her,
the little games they played.
I would look at a picture, 
stare straight into her eyes..
and feel all that pain she bottled up as she was alive.
Same pain I can see in daddy's eyes.
I'll never know how much she meant to him,
she was never known to me.
Through that pain I can see,
that she was an outstanding human being.
A beautiful soul, ya know?
Those people that could never say no.
She's far gone..
Far unknown to me..
Every time it rains
I feel as if one of those rain drops are her tears,
telling me she wishes she was here.
I still feel her love,
I feel her protection,
I feel like she's the one that grabs on
to the steering wheel when I'm going
in the wrong direction.
I feel her love,
carrying itself
around me.
My soul.
My feet.
I look up at the sky or day dream.
Create images in my mind of how things
might be..
If she was here with me.
With him.
With us.
I picture that beautiful blush,
spanish words of lush.
A woman unknown
to my heart,
but I know I know her,
even though we're a million
miles apart.
She was never known.


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