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7:28am, the earliest I've ever written.
My mind is still.
My body is heavy.
I feel what I want to say,
so why won't you let me?
heart beating so steady.
I could hear it in my ears,
the silence in the room is deadly.
How do I feel?
What do I think?
As my morning migraine sits
comfortably at the center of my brain
at every blink.
Everything will be okay.
It's pretty difficult, this stage.
Trying to figure out,
& what you were meant to do.
As I sit here in the darkness of my room,
sun peeking through the drapes,
lifetime plays,
I understand that it's okay.
It's okay to not know.
Deep down you always do,
It's just so easy for society to
distract you.
Knowing your purpose and you takes time.
To not know builds strength.
To not know builds a path.
A path that only you can take
& only you can control.
I love the idea of building my heart,
my soul.
As I lay in the comfort of my bed,
my mind becomes more at ease.
I know what I want.
I know who I am going to be.
I will impact you & you will impact me.
Struggle builds character.
Struggle builds strength.
In my heart I know what's meant to be.
We shall see.


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