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Where Does The Time Go?

Where Does The Time Go?

We all have different lives,
but somehow we know,
where we want to go,
who we want to be,
we all wish to succeed.
We might not know exactly,
but we do always have a clue.
Deep down inside,
you're the only one
who truly knows, you.
On this day I can look back to where I was,
I would have never imagined myself here,
reaching accomplishments, facing my fears.
Everything each of us goes through,
we carry along with us,
year after year.
In life, I don't think we ever end up finding ourselves.
I believe that with each day,
we become a better version of ourselves
if we try hard enough.
Time really does begin to fly,
I don't know how, and I don't know why.
I wish we could press a button sometimes,
to take us back, to our favorite time.
That's why we have to embrace our disbelief's.
If you worked hard and stayed true to who you are,
this is where you're meant to be.
Yeah, time does begin to fly,
but live each day gracefully.
Taking time to breathe,
without a doubt,
beat struggle and defeat.
I never knew that this is where I'd be,
but that's just how it works,
through it all,
I was always, me.
Parts of you will change,
but those parts are growth.
Inside your heart,
lays one soul.
Anxiety still happens to run deep,
my doubts often overwhelm me,
but in time, positive signs, begin to show...
& I soon begin to ponder upon again...
Where Does The Time Go?


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