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Who am I?
I am a daughter,
I am a sister,
I am a friend.
Although at times we lose sight of who we are,
we begin to comprehend.
In losing sight we find ourselves,
In losing sight we soon begin to
understand again, who we lost sight of
in the first place.
People can affect us.
Things can affect us.
We live & we learn.
We either find our way back
home or a better version of us,
There are no wrong turns.
Who am I?
I am growing,
I am strong,
am learning myself,
& that comes with burns.
Scars that will be embedded,
to remind you who you are.
I love too hard..
I make my loved ones problems my own,
I stress out when I can't fix a messed up situation,
I hate it when I thought I was on the right path
and end up at a different destination.
The funny thing is,
who you are changes.
We live,
we grow,
we experience,
so that we know.
It's okay to not know
who you are at the moment,
It's okay to feel like that person
is different now.
You & only you will always know
who you were, what you've been through,
where you want to go.
Each chapter in a book is different,
but the book remains whole.
Each page in each chapter remains relatable
to the next before the chapters actually change,
& when they do,
isn't something new?
Although we are reading all but one story,
no chapter is the same as the next
and each one has something new to offer.
We can become reborn with what we face,
& that is okay.
The chapters may change,
but you have to make it for the better.
whatever is to come, know that you
won't let this chapter remain the same, 
whatever the weather.
Who am I?
I am who I was meant to be right now.
I am weird,
I am funny,
I am loving.
As much as things may
change when depicting yourself,
only one soul like your own,
lives here on earth,
acting as nobody else.
Who am I?
I am a fighter,
I am determined, I
am me,
& that's who I'll always be.


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